Thursday, 5 July 2012


I've seen these revealing and amazingly beautiful images from Annemarieke van Drimmelen, on Nowness.

They are so powerful and beautiful crafted images which Van Drimmelen describe as alive images.
“I try and let go of any idea I have of how the moment should look like when I'm shooting,” she says. “That's when the picture seems to come alive.” Between Us.

Photo References from

Photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen’s portraits documenting the downtime of fashion’s top faces. Exploring the dichotomy between artifice and authenticity, Van Drimmelen captured off-duty models such as Sara Blomqvist and Herieth Paul in their own environments, stripped of the paraphernalia of high-gloss fashion shoots and catwalk shows. 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's life, at the new beginning

Mirage of The Self evolved through time, from my MA degree project to reality.
You, me will face the fact from now on.

I keep it all to myself. Mirage of the self never get so real.

Reveal Politic of Self Awareness

Been almost a year, things changed, we learned then we experience changes slowly.
Location effect emotion and the way we look at ourselves.

By far, I mean, I changed so much I could not recall what has been done with life.
I now just want to share will you a cinematic experience involved my nationality which so difficult to find change. There always mean Politic. At the end, we all need to see ourselves in the mirror.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Don't worry about getting older...

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

Darling, listen to your mother and learn to live in revolution time.
Not just war or bombs it is all nature, of living in the moment.

Being in the time that everything is changing, the last thing you want to be upset is to feel old.
Celebrate the way life treated you. Ease a little and have a bit of fun. Dressing is an exercise class.

Advance Style always been a place for my inspirations, this is the latest short film from Nowness.
No need to say more...